Production Tooling

With many years experience of specifying, sourcing and procuring all manner of mass production tooling for our clients, we have a well established and trusted network of production tooling partners in the UK, Europe and Far East. This enables us to offer quality, risk free and cost effective tailored tooling solutions to our customer’s specific requirements.

With members of our team trained in tool design we are able to work seamlessly with our tooling partners to develop the most appropriate tool design and configuration for any given part. We have experience of supplying production tooling in steel (P20, Stainless, H13 and D2 grades) and aluminium (AM15 7000) for injection moulding, rotational moulding, blow moulding, reaction injection moulding, extrusion and metal forming / stamping processes.

By offering this service to our clients we aim to provide trouble free project specific tooling, on budget and on time.