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The fundamental purpose of product design or industrial design is to develop an idea or concept for a new product and consider factors such as user requirements, performance, function, manufacture, materials, construction, cost, sustainability, form, aesthetics and emotional connection with the user. The practice of product design has developed rapidly in the past decade with advancements in software and hardware technology that enable the designer to facilitate the design, development and implementation of a product’s design more accurately, with less risk and in shorter timescales than ever before.

Designing a product which is fit for purpose and provides a genuine benefit to the user is a complex process. Our experience in product design and development brings with it the knowledge that the key to a successful design is following the right steps and undertaking the right tasks at the right time in the process.

Why Choose Trig Creative

At Trig we provide product design services to businesses in a wide variety of industries within industrial, commercial and consumer markets ensuring that ideas become commercially successful products. We guarantee that any agreed deadlines will be met or you get your investment back for that part of the product design process.

We can be confident that we will meet our deadlines thanks to our proven development process:



The success of any product relies on the right foundations being laid in the development process. During the observe phase we spend time investigating and researching your industry and requirements to ensure that the product we create will provide be a valuable asset to your business.

During our observation and research phase we perform a series of procedures to work out the best way to approach the product design solution, these procedures include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Patent Searches
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Experience Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • User Surveys

By implementing all or some of these procedures the team at Trig Creative can ensure that they are ready to begin the explore phase.

Concept Generation


During the explore phase of our product design process the Trig team analyse the primary and secondary research before commencing the concept generation process. Using creative thinking we will produce multiple product solutions, which will be refined before evaluation to ensure they are practical and sustainable.

Once the explore phase is complete, a detailed blue print of the product’s design and architecture will be ready for design development and detailing. As a product design and development agency we can take your design concept right through the development process which is where our next two phases come in.

Product engineering


The develop phase utilises latest technology such as 3D CAD and 3D printing to create a working prototype of the product. This prototype will be tested and the design engineered with all manufacturing considerations in mind to allow the product to move through to our final phase.

Production Tooling


As well as the design and development phases we offer, we also give the option for our clients to benefit from our wealth of knowledge in the mass manufacture of products. We have the expertise to help guide you through the manufacturing process with your new product design. Using expertise and industry knowledge we can manage the production, set up batch production and provide a quality control service.

If you have an idea, new product development plan or a problem that our product design team could help you with, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0113 2580110 or fill in our contact form.

If you would like to understand the process more, view our Product Design Checklist


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