The 9 Best 3D Printed Christmas Decorations

In the week before Christmas, here at TRIG, we thought we would jump in to the festivities by taking a look at some of the best 3D printed ornaments, gifts and games to decorate your home, tree and just add that splash of festive cheer to about anywhere you want to this Christmas!
The countdown is on until the big day, so in preparation we have created a countdown of our favourites and there is snow-way you will be disappointed.


9) Santa’s Sleigh

First on our list is an icon of that classic commercial Christmas, Santa’s sleigh. Whilst this miniature rendition would have a hard time carrying the world’s supply of presents it is a fun and quirky decoration would look right at home on a tree or mantel piece.
It might be sleightly obvious, but we think this sled is Santastic! And, is a worthy starter on our countdown.


8) Snow Ball Fabricator

This next one might not be a decoration but it is a fantastic idea that we couldn’t not include. This is a Snowball Fabricator, thought to be a hybrid between an ice cream scoop and a pair of scissors, it is designed to quickly craft the perfect snowball.

The only thing that is missing now is the snow. We won’t hold our breath.


7) Grumpy Cat Tree Decoration

Christmas is a time for festive cheer. Well not so much if you are Grumpy Cat but we thought that this decoration was brilliant and it certainly put a smile on our faces. Who wouldn’t want that cheery face looking back at them from their tree. Designed by Matt Bagshaw, this decoration embodies everything that is ‘Bah Humbug’ so if you are one of those who struggles to digest Christmas (and not just the food) this is the one for you!


6) Geometric Christmas Decorations

If you are looking for something a little bit different for your Christmas Tree, these funky geometric decorations will stand out from the traditional ones that have been trapped in the cupboard or loft space for the past year and come in three different colourways! We personally prefer the red.


5) 3D Printed Star

Unfortunately, the latest addition didn’t top our list but wouldn’t look out of place on top of any tree. Sure to brighten up even the drabbest of Christmas trees, this star 3D printed star is a bit of show stopper and has made its way into number 5 on our countdown. No tree is complete without a star, so why not try this one to add the final touches this year.


4) Snowflake Globe Ornament

The next number on our countdown is a fantastically intricate snowflake orb. What makes this ornament particularly good is that each individual snowflake is designed to interlock meaning you can customise the orb to a shape of your desire.

But the best thing of all about this is that it is free.


3) Pixelated Christmas Hat Light

Now into the top 3 and kicking us off is this pixelated Christmas hat light that is sure to light up the festive spirit inside you. This fun and quirky design is perfect for a window sill or mantel piece. Mixing retro gaming with festive fun is a combination we love and these hat lights are something the whole family will enjoy.


2) Santa Ornament

At number 2 is this brilliant Santa ornament. Looking like a cross between a garden gnome and a bobble head, this takes us back to a simpler time. There is nothing more seasonal than Santa and what better way to show your Christmas spirit than with a little memento of the man himself.

While the hand to head size ratio might be questionable, we think the intricate detail of the belt and boots make this a jolly good addition to the list and worthy of its number 2 position on our countdown.


1) 3D Printed Gift Box

Last but by no means least is this amazing 3D printed gift box complete with lock and key. Tired of the endless wrapping of presents? Well now you can help the environment and present your stocking fillers in a much more exciting way.
Both the box, key and ribbons are printable and come together to create an ingenious bit of fun that is the winner of our 3D printed Christmas countdown.

We ho ho hope you have enjoyed our Christmas countdown. We at TRIG Creative wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.