Toolmaking & Production Tooling

Our senior team at Trig Creative have been involved in production toolmaking for almost 20 years. With members of our team formally trained in injection mould tooling design, specification and mass production using the injection moulding process. Since Trig Creative was formed in 2004 we have acted on behalf of our clients in specifying, managing tool designs, sourcing and procuring production tooling, attending mould trials and supplying pre-production mould validation services. This long established toolmaking service is key to our Implement phase of product development, this is possible through our long standing close working relationships with a handful of carefully selected highly skilled specialist tool rooms here in the UK, Europe (Sweden and Portugal) and China (Shenzhen and Guangzhou). This enables Trig to offer product specific, quality, cost effective, tailored toolmaking services which are fully managed by our UK team.

Our tooling experience

Due to the nature of our design business, every project is bespoke and often brings with it its own unique tooling challenges. As such; through our product diversity we have experience in supplying tooling of all sizes up to 10 tonnes, 2k or Twin Shot rotating platen tooling, core back tooling, and two stage over mould tooling. As well as incorporating multi drop hot feed systems, unscrewing and collapsing cores, gas assist and sequential gating.

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Why buy your production tooling from TRIG Creative?

If you have already chosen Trig as your product design partner, your business will have already benefited from our award winning product design services. Our team will have researched your business and product sector and have a full in-depth understanding of your product, suitable materials, quality requirements, tolerances, and product specific goals. Having already gained this insight and taken the time to understand your product, company and brand values we believe the Trig team are ideally positioned to provide a tailored tooling solution focused on delivering the product you have invested in, on budget and without compromise.
When you decide to use our services we always include:

  • Tooling design and specification
  • Weekly project updates
  • Part Mouldflow
  • Tailored Steel selection and verification
  • Pre-Production part samples
  • Full CMM analysis and report
  • Tooling Production Passport

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Already have a product design?

Even if you haven’t used Trig Creative for you design services this time we would still be interested in working with you and providing our tooling services. We would simply need to evaluate your existing design and verify that the data is suitable for tooling. If we do identify any issues, we can either advise how to correct them or make the modifications ourselves before progressing. Your product will still benefit from being managed and tooled by our experienced product design focused team.

Other production tooling

Often a product is made up of numerous parts made using different manufacturing processes. Whilst our core tooling supply service is based around the injection moulding process, through our experience we are also able to assist, manage and supply:

  • Cast and machined Rotational moulding tools
  • Press Tooling
  • RIM Tooling
  • Compression Mould Tooling
  • Silicone Rubber Moulds

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If you have a new product which requires production tooling, or tooling and production management, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0113 2580110 or fill in our contact form.

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