Medical Product Design

Medical Product Design

Medical product design requires a different approach to other types of design. Factors such as consideration of patient’s emotions and needs are a priority as is compliance with regulations and relevant standards. Improving a patient’s life or experience are key issues as is understanding the experience and requirements of the health professional using or administering the device. Over the years we have designed and developed a number of products for the medical sector including,

The success of a medical products design is in the understanding of the intended use of the product and appreciating the needs of both the patient and the professional. This is why at Trig Creative we undertake an in-depth research stage when developing a medical product so we can feel connected to the issues influencing the experience and function of a new device. Simplicity of design, fit for purpose and ease of use are factors that will feature in all of our medical product designs. In addition to this we will look to offer tangible user benefits and a sense of style where possible.

We feel passionate that design can improve the lives of many people suffering or experiencing medical conditions or difficulties through both improved performance or function and by providing an more pleasant experience in sometimes difficult circumstances.

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