Product Design Checklist

Are you looking to develop a new product but don’t know the exact details of the process that you should cover? Well, don’t worry TRIG have you covered. We have created a thorough checklist that ticks off all the areas you need to consider. We have also compiled all the information in an easy to use document that will give you a greater idea of the complexity and viability of your new product.


  • Are there any specific performance criteria, e.g. must carry 20 kg of load etc.


  • What environment will the product be used in?
  • Temperature, dust, humidity, vibration, chemicals etc.?

Life in Service

  • What is the intended service life of the product?
  • Under what use conditions?

Target Product Cost

  • What is the target manufacturing price for the product?
  • What is the intended RRP range and what does the nearest competitor sell for?


  • What are the likely numbers of the production run of the product?


  • Where geographically will the product be sold?
  • Are variants required for different markets?
  • Who is the target market group?
  • What market research has been undertaken?


  • What are the specific requirements for the packaging of the product? This may influence the material / finish specified for external surfaces.

Size and Weight

  • Are there any restrictions on the size and weight of the product?
  • How will this affect the use?

Manufacturing Principle

  • What are the envisaged manufacturing processes to be utilised?
  • Are there any inhouse manufacturing constraints?
  • Have manufacturing partners been identified?


  • Are there any special materials to be specified or finishes desired or is this to be specified by the design team?

Aesthetics, appearance and finish

The design team will usually have full control of the look and finish of the product unless any external influences are supplied to affect this.


  • What is the likely nature of human interaction with the product?
  • How key are ergonomics to the use of the device?


  • Will the product be supported by any online or app based services?
  • If so what are the details and how will this affect the design of the product?
  • What if any technology will be housed in the product and what details of the components can be supplied?

Customer Requirements

  • Have customer requirements or preferences been taking into account during the market research stage?
  • What are the key outcomes?


  • What product / brand is the key competition to this product?
  • What are the USP’s or relevant features of the competition to be aware of?

Standards and Intellectual Property

  • Have any relevant standards and existing patents that may relate to this new product development been identified?


  • What safety considerations should be considered in addition to any standards? E.g. electrical safety, manual handling, hazardous substances.


  • What testing criteria, equipment or facilities are intended to be used to evaluate prototypes or first off production parts?
  • Is virtual testing required? E.g. FEA, mould flow etc.


  • What is the intended disposal schedule of the product?
  • How will this affect the design?
  • What legal responsibilities are carried by the client? WEEE etc.


  • What are the project timescales?
  • Does the product have to be marketed at a particular time of year?
  • Are any key milestones already determined such as launch date?

This should give you a complete overview of what your new product development project will entail and give you a clear action plan for making it a success. If you would like this in a concise document then why not download it. Simply fill in your details below and the document is yours.

Or, if you are looking for an experienced team of product designers to develop your product, why not give us a call to discuss your requirements. We offer a FREE, no obligation consultation and all talks are strictly confidential.

Product Design checklist

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