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At Trig Creative, we are a highly creative and passionate design team who love to challenge pre-conceptions and create inspiring, successful market solutions to all new product design briefs. We understand that there is more to a new product development than the finished product, our unique process and guarantees differentiate us from other agencies and ensure that your commercial and budgetary requirements are met.

We have experience working with companies from multinational corporations to innovative start-ups in a wide range of industries and based from our offices in Leeds, we are perfectly equipped to realise briefs in Bradford and throughout the UK.

Our Guarantees

  1. If we fail to deliver to an agreed deadline, the cost of the stage is refunded.
  2. Fixed cost pricing stage by stage.
  3. Our design data is always production ready.

Our Process

No two NPD projects are the same and we employ our unique four phase process to ensure that we deliver the optimal solution and never compromise on the quality of our output and service to you.


In the observe phase of the NPD process we undertake a series of analysis including feasibility studies, patent searches, competitor analyses and in cases experiencing the issues related to a product’s function first hand so that we can accurately identify exactly what your requirements are and the challenges the new product will overcome. From electronics to the medical sector, we ensure we have a clear grasp of your objectives and deliverables prior to undertaking any design work.


Using the research and insights gathered, in the exploration phase we create multiple concepts of your product, evaluating the sustainability and practicality of the product to ensure that it is a valuable solution that meets market requirements.


The latest 3D modelling and Computer Aided Design techniques visualise the project taking the concept through design detailing and development and ensuring that all elements meet the highest quality standards and are fit for manufacture.


One of the key benefits of working with Trig Creative as your product design consultancy is that we can continue to work with you after the product has been successfully designed, helping to source manufacturers, managing production processes and aiding in quality control to ensure your product’s design intent is retained through the transition of manufacture. We can help you with:

  • Production Management
  • Production Tooling
  • Batch Production
  • Quality Control

Why Trig Creative?

Effectively bringing a new product to market requires successful collaboration between client and agency and a thorough understanding of the challenge at hand. We are proud to have developed lasting relationships with our clients.

Through extensive experience and a large dose of creative thinking we have successfully brought a multitude of products to market in short timeframes and have established ourselves as a leading design agency in the North of England. If you have a brief and would like to work with a dedicated product design team, we offer Free consultations at our office.

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