Online grocery shopping has boomed in recent years with all the major UK supermarkets now offering home delivery services. All current delivery systems require the householder to be present for a specified delivery slot which is usually between 1-2 hours. Shopbox Ltd commissioned TRIG Creative to design a power free home delivery cabinet which would offer safe, secure and stable storage of foods in three challenging states; frozen, chilled, and ambient and allow the home owner to be out when their groceries are delivered.

1. Various configurations of the unit were explored using latest 3D CAD software to find the optimum relationship between thermal efficiency, reduced footprint, ease of loading and unloading and security of the contents.

Shopbox Cardboard
2. Simple low cost physical test rigs and mock-ups were used to quickly assess the potential size of the unit and the mode of use in service by both the delivery operative and the homeowner.

3. The resulting design solution was fully designed and engineered in house by Trig Creative prior to production tooling being commissioned. The production management stages of the project were also provided by Trig to enable the client to focus on the sales and marketing of the system prior to final product being shipped.

4. The Shopbox as launched in April 2015 at an international retail show to much interest. The product was then taken for trials by a number of leading supermarket chains to assess, test and refine the system prior to national launch.