Traditionally power boats have needed to run their engines when berthed for moored power and heating, which not only uses fuel but creates significant pollution and noise. In recent years marinas have evolved and basic pedestals supplying utilities such as electricity and water are now common place. These pedestals however; are not in keeping with the glamorous image of marinas and supply a dangerous mix of electricity and water in a single unit. Rolec Services commissioned TRIG Creative to design a service pedestal that would complement the stylish marina environment and meet the safety and service needs of both marina users and maintenance personnel.

This led to the ‘Baliza’ pedestal system which utilises the strengths of the rotational moulding process, creating a durable self supporting HDPE housing which has segregated water and power compartments. The body houses all electrical services, whilst the water packs are mounted externally in isolated covered body recesses.

Marina Pedestal
Rolec Services