The 3BoxStack is a multi-box recycling container that assembles neatly into one easily manouverable unit, enabling multiple material streams to be collected at once. The product maximises source separation potential and labour efficiency whilst taking up the minimal possible footprint. Designed to optimise kerbside sort recycling programmes, the 3BoxStack provides an improved aesthetic solution and enhanced handling over separate recycling containers or bags.

Waste materials can be placed directly into the two 55 litre boxes through the apertures and into the top 40 litre by opening the hinged lid. There is no need to lift or separate the boxes.

The whole unit sits securely on a tough and durable trolley, allowing all three boxes and their contents to be effortlessly wheeled to the kerbside in a single journey. This removes the need for any lifting on the part of the householder, as well as minimising the need for assisted collections.