process-banner-imageOur process is what makes us truly unique. Years of experience in New Product Development have allowed us to streamline our approach to projects so we can consistently develop and deliver exciting products to the marketplace. The nature of our NPD process allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of the individual characteristics and challenges that each new project brings.

By refining our process over the years, we have been able to implement guarantees that ensure our clients receive a functional and original product whilst maximising return on investment from their project.

Our Product Design Process

Our process is defined in four key phases:
1. Observe
2. Explore
3. Develop
4. Implement


The observe phase of the NPD process is the most fundamental stage for determining the success of your project. In this research and investigation phase, we take a user-centric approach to the project and where appropriate will gain first-hand experience of the problem at hand to fully grasp the unique challenges of your project.

In this phase the key aim is to understand the core challenges that the product needs to overcome. To do so, we undertake a series of analyses, enquiring, questioning and evaluating the functional requirements, visual influences and user expectations of the product and conduct a thorough analysis of competitor’s offerings.

During this phase we may utilise Feasibility Studies, Patent Searches, Competitor Analyses, Experience Analyses, Task Analyses and User Surveys to assess the relevancy and viability of your project.

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Observe 1


Interpreting the requirements of a brief and turning them into viable solutions is one of our design team’s greatest strengths. In the explore phase of the NPD process, we take the research gathered and apply creative, lateral thinking to create a number of technical and original design solutions to your given brief with a focus on mode of use, aesthetics, and manufacturing practicalities.

We will then collaborate closely with clients to refine the concept whether taking one idea forward or combining elements from each concept to create the desired solution. We take into consideration material, price and viability to ensure that the concept closely aligns with your commercial and budgetary requirements.

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The develop phase is where we begin to bring the product to life. Using latest 3D CAD software, either SolidWorks or PRO/Engineer / CREO, we create detailed parametrically driven CAD data which can then be used for photo realistic visuals of the product to give you a clear visualisation of how the product will look. In addition to this this CAD data can be used directly to make working prototypes of the design and production tooling.

We are specialists at full service NPD projects from design concept to production and we maintain strict ISO9001 quality management standards throughout the process. With years of industry experience we know how to consistently and efficiently bring a new product to market and ensure that the design intention can be effectively implemented and manufactured.

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Observe 3


One of the true benefits of choosing TRIG Creative as your product design consultancy is that our support doesn’t end once the design is complete. We have built an extensive and trusted network of manufacturers in the UK, Europe and the Far East which means we can act on your behalf managing your product through the manufacturing process.

We can help you to enhance time to market, quality and efficacy of your project by acting as project manager liaising with manufacturers. We can assist with Production Management, Production Tooling, Bill of Materials, Component Supply, Batch Production and Quality Control.

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