What to do with an Invention

If you have an idea for a new product, but don’t know what to do with it or how to go about taking it forward, read our guide below on how to successfully bring your idea to life.

Step 1: Research your idea

Firstly start on google and thoroughly research your idea to see if any products exist that are exactly like what you are wanting to do or very similar. Find out as much as you can about anything you find such as where it is made, what countries it is sold in, does it have any patent protection and how much retails for. Even if similar products exist, don’t get scared off yet, evidence of similar products shows there is a market for your idea.

Step 2: Document conceptual designs

Once you have done the background research on the product type and market, you need a design professional to develop your idea into a practical concept. This usually requires you to pay the designer for them to take your idea and evolve it into a solution that considers issues such as functionality, form, materials, manufacture, assembly, cost, ergonomics and desirability. Once the designer has presented a concept to you that you agree on, then the design will need to go through a detailing and engineering phase. Usually the product is modelled in a 3D CAD (computer aided design) package to give data that can be used for the production of prototype and realistic visuals before eventually being used to create the production parts from.

Step 3: Create a prototype and test

Prototyping and testing is a key stage in the process. Once parts have been produced from the CAD data either by 3D printing or traditional model making skills, your idea can be tested in the real world to assess its function and practicality as a cost effective solution.

Step 4: Patent your idea

Once the design is proven now is the time to protect your idea from being copied by applying for patent protection. See our separate guide on how to patent your product idea.

Step 5: Bring your idea to market

Once the correct design protection is in place you can decide on how to market your idea, there are usually two routes available here, licensing the idea to another company to produce and sell and pay you a royalty, or start a business to make a sell the product yourself. Licensing is the lower risk option with the smaller reward and requires you to identify interested parties whereas creating a start-up business requires significant investment and will take up a lot of your time.

Going down either of these routes will usually require you to make industry contacts and pitches to people whether they are potential investors, licensees, retail outlets or manufacturing companies. So you will have to be confident in your presentation skills or enlist the help of someone who can do this for you.

How TRIG Creative can help

Bringing your product idea to life is a challenging but exciting experience, here at Trig Creative we have provided many individuals help with inventions and develop their ideas into products. We would love to hear from you about your idea to see if we can assist you in achieving your dream of inventing your own product.

Please get in touch to arrange a free of charge consultation with one of our experts.

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