Agencies vs Universities

Design Agency vs Universities

Do professional design companies have an edge over universities?

If you’re looking for a design consultancy service, you may come across several different options as you search for a suitable company to work with. Established design consultancies, such as TRIG Creative are one option, although some people now consider working with universities who offer product design capability. So how do you know which to choose?

Most people have a more positive experience when working with a professional design consultancy. Here at TRIG Creative, we have a complete understanding of the commercial realities and budget constraints that our clients are under. Our Directors have over 25 years experience in the industry, and so we can offer the clear and practical advice that will be crucial to the commercial success of your product. Universities offering the same service often lack the real-world experience, or knowledge of the industry that professional consultancies like TRIG Creative have. The theoretical knowledge that universities may base their work on is no match for the hands-on experience our team has, having designed and developed hundreds of different products.

Our team also has a full understanding of the implications of intellectual property law (IP), and we pride ourselves on delivering a holistic design solution, with a solid grounding in first hand research, based where possible on defendable IP. Universities often lack experience in dealing with these kinds of issues, and if you choose to work with an inexperienced university service, you run the risk of finding yourself with a product design that infringes the rights of another patented product.

We’re used to the tight deadlines and long working hours that are involved in quickly turning a product idea in to a reality. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a fast and effective service. Universities, by comparison, are often seen to be slow and inefficient, which can be a frustrating experience if you’re working within a tight timeline to deliver a product to market.

Whatever your challenge, our design team can come up with innovative and practical solutions. We’ve worked on an extensive range of product designs, from lobster traps to Lawnmowers. We’ve worked with well-known brands such as NEXT, and our designs have been Highly Commended in everything from the Plastics Industry Awards, to the Design Week Awards. So don’t settle for second best. We would be delighted to hear from you if you are in need of product design or development services. Get in touch with us, and arrange a free consultation meeting at our offices in Yorkshire, Leeds or the North East, Newcastle. Our friendly team will discuss your exact requirements in complete confidence.