Choosing your Product Design Partner


Choosing a product design partner is amazingly similar to the process of choosing an Architect

Whether you’re a business or a consumer, if you’re looking to engage an architect for a project of yours, the choice of architect is critical.

The process of choosing an architect, if done properly, is amazingly similar to selecting a product design firm. Now, although the enlightened ones among us will know that people buy emotionally and justify rationally, it is still necessary to go through the right selection process. If anything, once you’ve bought emotionally, you will still have the data to justify rationally.

The first step in selecting an architect is to carry out research into potential architect firms. Once your list of preferred architects has been drawn up, then they should be invited in to discuss your potential requirements within the framework of what you want the project to say about, for example, your brand or your or values, within the restraint of your current resources which might be money, or space, or both!

Once the architects have absorbed this information, then, much like product design, it’s time for them to get to work. Their portfolio of work should be a presented along with their capabilities to deliver the project. Now, assessing these factors to select the right company will generally be subjective and goes through much the same thought process as our clients do when selecting a product design partner.

  • We know that the project will have challenges over a sustained period where the pressure to make an informed choice is high
  • What are we looking for from a Product Design firm? Someone who’s more engineer than designer, or someone who’s more designer than engineer?
  • Has the consultancy got the scale to support the project yet is not so big that you’re a little project in the grand scheme of things
  • Do they truly believe in what they are presenting and is there “chemistry” between you and them?
  • Do they genuinely know what they are talking about and do you know what they are talking about? Eliminating jargon. or at least understanding each other is key, and you definitely don’t want to engage a creative who makes it up as they go along, or do you?

So, the process is pretty much standard and you can glean the information you need through the process. Then, it’s up to you to make your emotional decision.

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