It is the policy of Trig Creative Limited and its officers and employees to provide products and services, which conform to the requirements of customers and clients. To this end on-time delivery and professional service form the centre of our efficiency aim. Our reputation is very important to us and as such we are fully committed to achieving a high standard of excellence at both a personal and corporate level. We firmly believe in continued growth and strive to achieve this as part of commitment to continual improvement in quality as an integral part of our operations. This can only be achieved by whole corporate involvement, and as such responsibility for quality rests with everybody in the organization.

To this ends the Quality Management System is made available to all staff. Their individual responsibilities to quality are defined in the ganisational chart and this is audited by both the Quality Manager (Alex Smith) and the Internal Quality Auditor (Rachael Reed).

The objectives of the Quality Management System are:

a) Maintain compliance with ISO 9001:2008 by implementation of the Procedures Manual, which forms part of this Quality Management System.

b) At all times to create a work ethos, which achieves and maintains a level of quality that maintains current customers’ perception of excellence and increases the company’s reputation.

c) Ensure compliance with statutory and safety requirements at all times.

d) Take every step to maximize customer satisfaction.