At TRIG Creative we have a way of working together, a way of getting the job done, a way of dealing with our customers and a way of presenting ourselves to the outside world.

This is how we do it…

How we work

  • We support each other
  • We encourage each other to excel
  • We know our strengths
  • We promote risk taking to enable innovation
  • We love systems and structure
  • We love to create and inspire

What we believe

  • We believe that hard work brings results
  • We believe that the only bad idea is the one you didn’t mention
  • We believe that respect is more important than authority
  • We believe that everyone has a talent and is good at different things
  • We believe that there is more than one way to skin a cat
  • We believe we are different
How we act

  • We are courteous and kind
  • We are responsive and efficient
  • We are respectful and understanding
  • We know when to be serious and when to laugh
  • We never leave issues unresolved
  • We like to be likeable

Who we are

  • We are easy to talk to
  • We are friendly and approachable
  • We are diverse in our backgrounds, approach and outlook
  • We are dynamic and enthusiastic
  • We are always looking for opportunities
  • We are a team
  • We are TRIG Creative